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How often do you hear the expression that a garden is an outside room – an exterior extension to your home? At Floras Fireworks, we very much agree with this concept and are confident that our skills and experience will enable you to achieve this.

Pretty as a picture

As our name suggests and combined with our expert planting experience and locally sourced plants, Floras Fireworks can help and guide you to establish (or re-establish) your garden with glorious blazes of colour or if you prefer, ranges of more subtle hues and scents to delight the senses in the years to come, the choice is absolutely yours. Whether your preference is the classical touch or perhaps a slightly more contemporary approach, we can produce designs to suit and our established reputation is your guarantee.

A quick fix?

For some people, creating a garden might mean a quick trip down to the local garden centre, choosing a few plants or shrubs, popping them in and “hey presto” – job done. But creating a truly beautiful garden is much more than that. Careful and detailed planning depending upon the aspect of the site, soil type and general conditions coupled with a genuine knowledge of plants, their relationship to each other and how they will perform is a must. Likewise, a creative eye, vision and a realistic experience of how the end result will look within a given range of plants in the months and years to come is similarly essential.

Keep it legal!

Planning a garden or tree husbandry can sometimes mean working with and gaining approvals and permissions from your local council or authority for the work you wish to undertake. We meet this all the time and can help you in this respect. Please do keep in mind however that simply pressing ahead with your project without the appropriate permission (where necessary) could result in fines or penalties!

Sound good?

If a beautiful garden full of seasonal colour sounds appealing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to discuss your ideas.

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