Landscape Gardening and Garden Designs

For those unfamiliar with the term, Hard Landscaping in gardens can cover a wide range of subjects from a simple retaining wall or fence, edging to patios, lawns, paved or gravelled areas, raised decking, walled or courtyard gardens, gates, fencing for Rabbit and Deer protection, fountains, statuary, summer or greenhouses, exterior lighting and much more. Some of our clients these days are opting for ‘easier to maintain’ gardens and we will be more than happy to develop your ideas and incorporate any particular type of feature that may interest you. Has your patio, path or brickwork become weathered and dirty? Needs a spring clean? Ask about our Pressure Washing service to restore these areas to their original condition.

Groundwork and Construction

For all our Hard Landscaping projects and as a matter of course, we only use the best and most appropriate materials for your situation. Many listed properties will require specific bricks or materials which we can source from our extensive list of specialist suppliers. This approach enables us to transform any area, be it an existing garden or a totally run down patch into a worthwhile and attractive feature to be proud of but most importantly one which will last!

Water features

If your interest is in Ponds or Fountains, we are also happy to create for you a brand new (fully lined) pond or to refurbish and enhance any existing natural water feature.

Garden Furniture

Our Edwardian garden seats, pergolas, gazebos, trellis and other garden furniture (made to order by local craftsmen from genuine original period reference) are a delight to behold and an excellent addition to any garden.

Mulches and Bark

Fed up with never ending weeds and all that hoeing? Ask about our range of decorative Wood Chip or Bark mulches together with more contemporary options such as glass or slate chippings if that is your preference.