Environmental and Wildlife Conservation & Management

“Going green” seems to be pretty much the catch phrase these days. But here in the twenty first century, man’s negative impact on the planet seems to lurch from one crisis to another, threatening flora, fauna and the precious wildlife habitats we all appreciate and take for granted. But sadly, taking something for granted doesn’t ensure its survival and in all likelihood the exact opposite applies.


Be it through climate change, over population, waste disposal and many other challenges, we see much of what we hold dear gradually being destroyed or at the very least coming under serious pressure which just cannot go on.


At Floras Fireworks, we like to think that we are making our own modest contribution towards redressing the balance and the following list outlines the areas of our work which can help our customers to achieve worthwhile results.


  • Marsh and wetland management
  • Woodland and heath management
  • Habitat creation including ponds and ditches
  • Hibernaculas (Reptile hibernation habitat)
  • Construction and siting of nesting boxes (including wildfowl)
  • Badger gates
  • Hare and deer friendly stock fence
  • Water gates for small streams
  • Jetties and pontoons
  • Natural pest control (in line with licensing from Natural England)
  • Control of certain damaging wild birds to maintain native species
  • Management of grassland and wild flower meadows

Personal notes from Mark Buckle

“From scrub clearance, reed cutting and reptile mitigation to garden hibernacula’s and small scale wild flower meadows, we can all do something to help the natural world and it does not have to cost a fortune.”


“Anyone who knows me will confirm my love of the natural world but having said that, Pest Control does have its place. Our picture shows Eric and Ernie our tame ferrets and important members of our team who, with their innate natural skills help us tremendously with rabbit control.”


“Take the grass snake shown here the day before it was released back into the wild – fully recovered. It was rescued from plastic waste discarded by inconsiderate people and had sustained two small side wounds.”


“I have had many injured creatures pass my way over the years including at one point a beautiful privet hawk moth and I take pride in my humble efforts which have aided their recovery. If only people would open their eyes, they would see just how wonderful our world is and one which deserves our respect.”


“And finally, please do have a look at “The Green Man Horse Loggers” web site at the bottom of our Contact Us page. Although Jason and his horses are technically our competition for woodland management, we use him ourselves due to his natural and considerate approach to the environment.”